A Complete Custom Automated Solution – Suit Design Software / Tool

Changes in the business will bring more sales opportunities and increase the chances of growth. Nowadays, cutter and tailors are trying to design their products and wanted to sell it online. In the digital world era, people would like to search each and everything on an internet and hoping to buy it from an online store. Every moment, we are trying to find out some solutions that can easily resolve our needs without wasting so much time, money and without any help.  
If we think about modern off the rack suit then they are so expensive and sometimes our customers need to compromise with design, color, cloth, and fitting. 

So, why not we are trying to solve this issues by allowing them to design, customize their suit online using a complete custom automated solution. 

Idesignibuy is a company who did some online market research and come with a great solution for all online vendors or merchandise who are selling Men's suit. This Tailoring Solution named as Suit Design Software/Tool. 

This is a software which is developed using HTML 5, JavaScript, and JQuery which means it is compatible with any web platform. Let's see its engaging features that can take your business to the next level of success. 

They are:- 
  1. It gives an option to the user for selecting different types of fabric. 
  1. It allows user to choose (slim/ Regular/ Loose) fitting size or manual measurement. 
  1. It has various choice of options to define breasted design ( Button Single, 2 Button Single, 3 Button Single or others). 
  1. It avails user to select different Lapel style like Notch, Simple Peak, Shawl with measurement. 
  1. Here, a user can select variant style of Sleeves button like 3 button standard, 4 button standard, 3 kissing button. 
  1. It avails user to choose different pocket styles of latest trends. 
  1. If the user wants to change their vents style then they can also do it.  
  1. It also allows a user to choose the bottom cut style in various ways like Curved, Slightly Curved, and Straight.  

This suit designer tool can be upgraded or personalize as per your business requirement.  Now, I can sure definitely reduce your lots work with a large amount of saving. It also set you free from measurement, designing, and manual customization.  

If you have any query regarding it then contact us on our enquiry@idesignibuy.com and feel free to contact any time on +1630-796-0282 or +919561070935.