Boost Up Your Business by adopting Tailoring Solution

Are You familiar with fashion shows? If Yes, then you must have seen the apparels of the role models which are perfect fit with the elegant & advanced design. Want to know the reason? Well, most of the trend design are customized based on the consumer measurements and requirements.

In today's digital world e-commerce storefront plays a crucial role in buying and selling of products. Keeping this in mind many offline merchants have started building the online presence by creating online storefront. Still, many merchants can't meet the consumer requirements as they are offering limited apparels options to choose from. So, to become a strong entrepreneur in the apparel industry, you must think of advanced technology like tailoringsolution which helps in making your apparel business customizable and unique. Big brands such as Raymonds, Van Husein have completely transform their manual measurement to software so that whenever the consumer landed to the storefront they start customizing the apparels online by selecting the cloth, fabric, color, design, and measurements. Moreover, the tailoring solution is build with virtual trail room functionality where the user can design, try and buy the apparels online on one platform.

Glimpse of Some Amazing Benefits of Tailoring Solution

Consume Less time & More Customer Satisfaction - Manual measurements and design consume too much time and affects the business productivity. To get rid of this manual task, idesignibuy has launched the highly advanced tailoring solution which allows the consumer to provide their measurements and customize the apparels their own way.

Drive More Customers – You can't expect a greater profit without building online presence of your business. As people are migrating toward digital world it has become essential to build a customize tailoring storefront and establish a strong customer base by allowing the user to customize their favorite apparel online.

Upgrade Your Business to a Brand – There are numerous tailoring storefront such as black lapel, Indochina who have turned their business into a brand by adding the customization functionality. So, it's an amazing opportunity to compete with these brands by integrating the scalable and effective tailoring solution.

First Impression – Majority people bounce out of the storefront if they didn't find the apparels of their choice. Hence to build an effective impression in front of your customer you must make your storefront unique by allowing your customer to design their favorite apparels online.

No Upfront Investment – Investment is one of the major factors which stops the online merchants from implementing the innovative technology. But, in the case of tailoring solution you don't need to invest a large amount as this solution is built on SaaS model where you can use this solution as a service by purchasing the monthly subscription.

Tailoring Solution Package includes :

1. Suit Design Tool
2. Jacket Design Tool
3. Pant Design Tool
4. Shirt Design Tool
5. Hoodies Design Tool
6. Virtual Trial Room functionality

If you want to meet the dynamic requirements of your customer then don't miss out implementing this advanced tailoring solution. For any query or product related information write us at