Boost Your eCommerce with Online Product Customization

Are you selling products through your eCommerce site? Want to add more value to your eCommerce and beat your competitors? Product customization can help you realize your goal!

What is product customization?

Product customization is an innovative way of selling products online which is helping online sellers to drastically enhance customer engagement and drive more sales. Companies with the capabilities of product customization allow their customers to create their own products.

Let's understand product customization in more details.

Traditionally, selling customized product was a lengthy process where customers had to visit sellers shops to convey their custom needs. Also, the rate of order rejection was higher, as many a times sellers failed to meet exact requirements of customers. All in all, it was a time consuming and hectic process for both the sellers and buyers. Online product customization has simplified this entire process by bringing it on the online platform. It has provided sellers with the ability to offer customized products online. On the other hand, it has made it possible for customers to co-create their favorite products on seller's website and order them with just a few clicks.

How does product customization add value to your business?

You can start offering product customization simply by adding product customization software to your online store. But does it add any value to your business? You need to find out the real benefits of online product customization before taking the decision to embrace it.

As one of the premium product design software maker and supplier, we also had asked these questions to ourselves. “Is our product will solve the real world problems of customized product sellers?” “Does online product customization really increase the sales?”.

The Answer was yes. Product customization help solving real-world problems and boost product sales.

Here are some aspects that convey you the value of online product customization for your eCommerce business.

Free promotion and customer loyalty

With product customization, you give your customers a freedom to design their own products. According to the research, customers who create their own products are likely to share their creation on social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Furthermore, personalization leaves a long lasting impression by providing your customers with something unique.

Customers who once try online product customization are more likely to visit the brand again. Businesses who are offering product customization are experiencing increased in customers loyalty.

Get competitive edge

Competition in the eCommerce arena is getting wild. A price war is forcing companies to bear heavy losses. In such a ghastly scenario, online product customization helping businesses to stand out and blow away the competition.

Products offered with the benefit of customization are pulling more eyeballs than other products. Even, customers are ready to pay a higher amount than the product's regular price for the products which are customized to their unique choices.

Sell exactly what customers want - Customer satisfaction

Everyone from the business owner to a manager and sales executive tries to find out what exactly customers want? Online product customization enables you to get the answer to this question easier than any other method. Here customers play around your product, designing it the way they want. Based on this, once you analyze what customers prefer, you discover patterns with their behavior.

Brands like Adidas, Nike, Vista-print, BlackLapel are using product design tools to offer product customization and getting insights from consumers. Which is helping them make their offering more effective and attract more customers.


E-commerce is growing rapidly all across the world. As a result, many offline retailers have started investing in online selling. Leveraging online product customization to serving your customers needs will surely help you drive more ROI to your online store.

If you are willing to add product customization to your eCommerce website, allow us to serve your need in a cost effective manner. Why not start with Free Trial.