Why Print Industry Should Adopt Software as a Service to Generate More Revenue

Over the years, SaaS has grown across the board both for external and internal operations regarding workflow automation. With the rise in Cloud and SaaS, it has also become possible to shift print management to the Cloud, enabling printers to be accessed over the network through cloud computing. SaaS based web to print software is transforming the way we print, work and manage our documents. Not only is it just a different deliver model, but it changes the way printing software is used, licensed, and improves end user experience and workflow in ways traditional printing cannot. Now, the question arises, how exactly SaaS is going to boost the ROI of your organization. Well, this blog post will be a help in this regard.

Easy implementation-
Cloud printing offers a convenient and simple solution for everyone – users no longer have to worry about software, drivers, or cables. Setting up cloud printing through a SaaS model is done easily and quickly. With SaaS printing, you don’t have to worry about upgrading and updating. The cloud ensures that software upgrades happen automatically and in real time. The latest features and fixes will be up to date.

Minor IT costs-
SaaS printing allows companies to meet print-on-demand needs which lowers print costs and eliminates the need for to buy, deploy, and management hardware and software. The functionality and ease of use of SaaS printing also means less printing related Help Desk calls. With the average Help Desk call cost per hour, eliminating the amount of calls just from print related issues will save you a significant amount of money in the long term.

Minimum security risk-
SaaS printing is offered on a monthly basis, with organizations paying per printer. With no long-term contracts and only paying for exactly what you need, there is less upfront costs and less risk if things don’t work out. Incorporating SaaS is a perfect way to boost your profit margins and address the pain points that hinder your print production cycle. So, what are the ways in which a print SaaS can benefit your business and pave its way towards bigger revenue? 

As an ecommerce store owner, it is quite likely that you are selling numerous products. You also might have different warehouses at different locations. Now, you cannot be omnipotent and get real time updates/control over inventory. You need a system that helps you streamline your supply chain management. So, what if you had a system that keeps all the information about your vendors and inventory at a centralized location? Would work great! Wouldn’t it?! This will benefit in three ways. One, it will lessen your manual efforts. Two, it will make you efficient. And three, it will keep your customers satisfied and happy. 

Shipping management can get stressful as well. Especially if you deal with different shipping companies at once, SaaS based web to print solution provides you with the facility to manage a lot of shipping features. Using it, you can create rules for calculating the delivery costs according to the weight of the parcel. You can also define the rules based on different delivery types that your business supports. So, whether you are dealing with FedEx, UPS, USPS, or DHL; your shipping task becomes extremely easy and stress-free. Now, in case, you lack the perfect know how as to how the shipping module works in SaaS based web to print solutions, you can just opt for an easy research or consult with the professionals who are providing one of these solutions to you. 

Again SaaS based web to print software solutions have transformed the enterprise because it turns expenditures on physical hardware and one-time software into a predictable, easily quantifiable line item. Whereas the hardware needed to power traditional print environments needs to be purchased, constantly maintained, and replaced when it suddenly fails, SaaS cloud printing is a set fee that really only changes when you change your type of service. Web to print software aims to provide greater extensibility than their traditional on-premises counterparts. This means that they can be enhanced with plugins and apps that provide sought-after, enterprise-quality features like secure printing without the need for an additional software package.

Printing businesses have always had a connection with hardware investments for churning out good quality products, revamped machinery, cutting-edge appliances etc. Lack of efficient manpower has always been a huge hindrance in the success of print business. SaaS based web to print ecommerce solutions will help your business avoid large upfront costs.

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